The Menu

At Tiger Palm you will always find an occasion to share. For a healthy breakfast, a mouthwatering lunch, or just to share a long board pizza with cold beers with friends, enjoying the sultry sounds of our DJ… come as you are, Tigers !


  • Eggs any style with crusty sour dough & house made tomato chutney
  • Coconut pancake fresh hotcake style pancake with caramelized coconut, young coconut, coconut jelly, coconut candy & coconut ice cream
  • House made granola muesli with fresh tropical fruit, raisins & sultanas, served with milk, yoghurt & Balinese honey
  • Almond milk Chia pudding with banana, young coconut, papaya, lychee, strawberry & goji berry
  • Dragonfruit smoothie bowl with fresh mango, banana, kiwifruit, granola bites, cacao nibs, goji berries, berry compote & mint
  • Smashed avocado with crusty sour dough, coriander, hot sauce,grilled haloumi & poached egg
  • Son in Law Eggs Thai style fried eggs with tamarind sauce, green shallot & coriander
  • Balinese Breakfast burrito scrambled eggs, sambal, red rice, water spinach, smoked pork belly, lawar & fried shallot



  • Chicken & foie gras siew mai with mushroom chili sauce
  • Thai style curry puffs with curry powder sweet potato pumpkin coriander and sweet chili sauce (v)
  • Pork & prawn spring rolls with sweet chili sauce
  • Javanese fish cakes with pickled cucumber carrot (gf)
  • Dutch Indonesian chicken and mushroom croquettes with homemade sambal
  • Selection of char sui pork and five spice duck steamed buns served with sriracha sauce
  • Smoked chicken wings with Malay style Worcestershire dipping sauce and sambal belacan (gf)
  • Salt and pepper squid served with a Thai style dipping sauce (gf)
  • Popcorn shrimp with togarashi & smoked chili mayo
  • Tempura fish rolled with shiso leaf umeboshi and ponzu dressing
  • Stir fried caramelized pork belly with chili padi black vinegar and sesame seeds (gf)


Served with choice of cassava chips or sweet potato crisps

  • Chicken betutu burger with sate sauce pickled shallots and carrot coconut slaw and fried shallots
  • Wagyu beef burger with mushroom jam bonito flakes miso mayo house made pickles butter lettuce and wasabi ketchup


  • “Krupuk plate” potato melinjo sweet potato cassava tempe with saos kacang sambal avocado terong bakar sambal bajak sambal matah
  • Margherita with pomodoro mozzarella & basil
  • Tuna sambal matah pizza with baby spinach coriander and fried shallots
  • Peking duck pizza with chili plum sauce broccoli and shitake mushroom
  • Garlic prawn pizza with mascarpone and fresh chilli
  • Smoked pork belly pizza with smoked chili mayo charred corn roasted peppers and rocket


  • Thai snapper ceviche with calamari ribbons chili garden herbs and coconut water chili dressing (gf)
  • Indian style paneer salad with charred cauliflower broccoli dukkah zucchini ribbons avocado and sesame and yoghurt dressing (v) (gf)
  • Japanese bowl iceberg red cabbage cucumber nori wakame carrot sesame seeds and wafu dressing (v)
  • Raw tuna marinated in ponzu with wasabi avocado bonito flakes togarashi chips
  • Vietnamese style beef salad with lemongrass peanut papaya shredded carrot Vietnamese mint coriander Asian pennywort sesame and nouc cham dressing
  • Pork Bahn Mi – Vietnamese baguette with char sui pork chicken liver pate carrot and daikon pickle chilli fresh coriander and pork crackling
  • Chicken Bahn Mi – Vietnamese baguette with shredded chicken liver pate carrot and daikon pickle chilli fresh coriander and crispy chicken skin
  • Vietnamese Bun Cha with hand chopped pork patties rice noodles nuoc cham dressing
  • Crispy salmon with pickled watermelon and namh jim dressing


  • Hainanese chicken rice with yellow bean dressing cucumber pickled ginger & chicken soup (gf)
  • Chicken pad thai with tofu dried shrimp rice noodle beansprouts crushed peanuts and tamarind thai sauce
  • Pad see ew of beef with garlic chili kale and holy basil
  • Pho bo noodle soup – Vietnamese beef soup served with rice noodles sliced beef tenderloin sriracha sauce & fresh herbs (gf)
  • Massaman curry with chicken shallot pumpkin potato peanuts & tamarind (gf)
  • Steamed fish with shitake ginger shallot soya sesame oil
  • Stir fry chicken with chili jam wing beans baby corn cashew nuts and Thai basil
  • Char kway teow of prawn and crab garlic chive beansprout and sambal belacan
  • Crispy master stock braised chicken with sweet chili sauce
  • Turmeric snapper with green mango salad (gf)
  • Mumbai lamb keema with slow cooked egg and potato masala stu brioche buns
  • Rawon of short rib beef with salted duck egg bean sprouts galangal lemongrass and sambal (gf)
  • Roasted Peking duck with steamed choy sum red bean sauce & mandarin pancake
  • Kung pao prawn with cashew nuts capsicum green shallot Szechuan pepper
  • Kandar beef rendang simmered in coconut milk Indian spice and curry leaf


  • Steamed jasmine rice (v) (gf)
  • Grilled corn with Andaliman aioli and pork floss
  • Gai lan stir fried with garlic and chicken stock (gf)
  • Stir fried Asian greens (v)
  • Wok fried mushrooms and baby corn (v) (gf)