The Menu

At Tiger Palm you will always find an occasion to share. For a healthy breakfast, a mouthwatering lunch, or just to share a long board pizza with cold beers with friends, enjoying the sultry sounds of our DJ… come as you are, Tigers !



Eggs any style with crusty sour dough & house made tomato
Choose one extra: bacon / mushroom / sweet corn fritter /sausage / spinach / avocado / eggplant relish / roasted tomatoes / mixed bean salsa
Javanese Iced Tea or Javanese Hot Tea

  • Eggs any style with crusty sour dough & house made tomato chutney
  • “Coconut pancake “ fresh hotcake style pancake with caramelized coconut, young coconut, coconut jelly, coconut candy & coconut ice cream
  • Housemade granola muesli with fresh tropical fruit raisins & sultanas served with milk yoghurt & Balinese honey
  • “The all in” Bacon cheddar mushroom tomato omelette
  • “Green life” Kale feta spinach sun dried tomatoes omelette
  • Breakfast burrito – scrambled egg black bean and charred corn salsa & tomato capsicum chutney
  • The Greek Australian -feta basil avocado soft boiled egg & toasted sour dough
  • Freshly baked croissant with ham cheese & tomato chipotle chutney
  • Balinese style toasted brioche with condensed milk ice cream toasted cashew nuts dried tropical fruit & young jackfruit



  • BLT bacon lettuce tomato and smoked chilli aioli panini
  • Ham cheese cornichon and mustard on baguette
  • Rare sliced steak with caramelized onion jalapeño and chimi churi on baguette


  • The Turk
    Chickpea falafels marinated capsicum sweet potato chips mixed radishes heirloom tomatoes lemon and tahini dressing
  • Tokyo Drift
    Red miso raw tuna pickled shallots kim chi pickled cucumber avocado wakame eggplant and coriander relish
  • Canggu Hipster
    Dukkah homemade paneer broccoli turmeric charred caulilower asparagus zucchini ribbons edamame avocado tahini yoghurt dressing
  • Sushi Bowl
    Tuna snapper iceberg red cabbage cucumber nori wakame carrot sesame seeds and wofu dressing


All served with french fries or roasted sweet potato or mixed salad

  • Southern Fried Chicken with red cabbage slaw and lemon Sichuan mayonnaise
  • Soft Shell Crab with beetroot yogurt and smoked chilli mayonnaise
  • Cheeseburger house ground beef patty bacon cheddar pickles tomato caramelized onion lettuce and truffle aioli


  • Butternut pumpkin roasted tomato chili & stracciatella
  • Black olive & peperonata with mushrooms tomato & mozzarella
  • Fennel potato rosemary goat cheese garlic & roquette
  • Margherita with pomodoro mozzarella & basil
  • Black smoked ham with rucola tomato mozzarella & basil
  • Homemade chorizo sausages mozzarella tomato smoked chili & oregano
  • Prawns with zucchini lowers harissa goat cheese & mint


  • Arancini with mushroom trule & mozzarella
  • Selection of breads and dips Beetroot tzatziki spinach hommus eggplant relish avocado
  • Fried school prawn and white bait with chili aioli & salted chili powder
  • Salt cod crokets with lemon and roasted chili mayonnaise
  • Crispy squid with gremolata roquette & lemon squid ink mayonnaise
  • Salad of tuna snapper red cabbage red onion avocado tomato carrot iceberg wakame seaweed with wofu dressing
  • Snapper ceviche with charred corn red onion sweet potato mint & tiger milk
  • Feta cheese and spinach stuffed zucchini lowers with smoked mackerel mayonnaise
  • Tuna passionfruit ceviche tostada with radish avocado mint coriander
  • Beef carpaccio white bean truffle parmesan roquette & lemon
  • Beef tartare with garlic yoghurt sauce crispy potato cured egg yolk and smoked paprika


  • Egg martabak served with green chili curry powder and curry sauce
  • Fried rice seafood Chinese stir fry rice with sweet corn shiitake mushroom edamame chive and egg
  • Stir fried caramelized pork belly with chili padi, black vinegar and sesame seeds
  • Indonesian duck korma with almonds green chili mint coriander and potato
  • Kandar beef rendang simmered in coconut milk Indian spice and curry leaf
  • Nyonya fish curry with coconut milk fish curry powder okra and freshly chopped coriander


  • “Prawn arrabiata” penne chilli lake olive tomato basil oregano and parmesan
  • Clams with spaghetti garlic chilli green peas white wine and mascarpone
  • Piri piri spring chicken with roasted potatoes sautéed kale and braised red cabbage
  • Pan seared tuna with salsa verde and warm potato and fennel salad
  • Black Angus sirloin with hand cut French fries and selection of sauces


  • Jasmine rice
  • Roti canai
  • Hand cut French fries with parmesan
  • Charred corn with chilli powder and cream
  • Creamed spinach with stracciatella cashew nut and garam masala
  • Grilled asparagus with bernaise sauce